Who Are We?

After putting on the 5000 person Tax Day Tea Party at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, we decided to continue our efforts.

Since then, we’ve formed Americans for Conservative Training (ACT), and had numerous successful events including:
July 4th Tea Party, Grassroots Action Conference, Rules for Radicals Training, Open Mic Tea Party, Heritage Foundation Documentary Screening, and our book club.

We’re not Republicans or Democrats, or even Independents. We’re Americans preserving our freedoms by being active, engaged and informed citizens.

Our organization was born out of the desire of thousands of average citizens to restore our Republic through grassroots training and activism. To accomplish this, Americans for Conservative Training seeks to:

1. Build a volunteer leadership team for bottom-up grassroots activism.

2. Train and educate activists on local, state and national issues and elections.

3. Recruit and equip candidates by providing a mentor, strategic support and volunteers.