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Would you have believed?

I read an interesting article by Brian Sussman in American Thinker a few days ago. There are actions being taken that should make you sick to your stomach.  Now, it’s one thing to say “Oh, every week it’s something new.”

Have you ever put all those weeks together?  Are you sitting down?

  • Obama can’t even wait two months to assume the office of POTUS, he designs his own seal (?!?) for use between November & January.
  • On his Inauguration evening, Obama was the only President to date to blow off  the Salute to Heroes Ball sponsored by the American Legion. Close to 50 Medal of Honor receipients and guests waited in vain for his arrival while he went and partied with Kanye West and Leonardo DeCaprio.
  • 90% of all mortgages in the U.S. are now backed by the federal government (putting Joe Taxpayer at risk for over $5 trillion)
  • U.S. government is a major shareholder in one of the world’s largest banks, Citigroup.
  • Even though Obama “doesn’t want to run car companies” he executes a hostile takeover of GM and Chrysler, sacking CEO’s, replacing them with political appointees and then closing hundreds of profitible dealerships across the nation. Many of these dealerships falling on the chopping block were known to be political donors to Republican/Conservatives.
  • Obama’s budget deficit for his first fiscal year totals $1.6 trillion; in ten years, that amount is projected to be $16 trillion.
  • Soldiers must now recite Miranda rights to terrorists captured on the battlefield.
  • That reminds me, we can no longer say “The War on Terror,” it is now called the “Overseas Contingency Operation.”
  • We have an Attorney General who doesn’t believe the 2nd Amendment is an individual right.
  • We have a Supreme Court justice who thinks that race = wisdom.
  • The “U.S. is no longer a Christian nation
  • In his attempt at social justice healthcare reform, Obama blows past our 10th Amendment as if it didn’t exist.
  • The bust of Winston Churchill, given to America after 9/11 by our friend and ally, Great Britain, is packed up and returned even after he is assured that it was meant as a gift. PM Brown even suggested that if Obama didn’t wish for it to remain in the White House, perhaps the Smithsonian would be a good home for it.
  • Speaking of PM Brown, on his first official visit, he received a basket of 25 or so DVD’s from the Obama’s. The titles included such greats as The Godfather (hm..), and Psycho (hmmm…). The thing here is that the United States uses the NTSC video format which is 29.97 fps while most of the rest of the world uses PAL which is 25 fps. The Brown’s aren’t even able to view them!
  • In the U.S., policemen who do their jobs are “acting stupidly.”
  • The POTUS bowing to the Saudi king while on foreign soil.
  • Air Force One needs updated “publicity pictures” so badly that a low-flying trip over Manhattan (with no prior warning to city officials) is warranted.
  • 1+ million people show up at the 9/12 March to D.C. but Obama jets off to Minnesota while his administration claims they were “unaware” of a planned event.
  • An administration that includes 30+ Czars, unvetted and with no Congressional oversight; including Van Jones, a self-avowed Communist (He has resigned from his official WH position, but he has moved over to John Podesta’s group. No doubt to work on “social justice” behind the scenes.)
  • That it takes over 5 days of protests by Iranians following their sham election (many being murdered in the street) for our POTUS to come out with a statement that America supports freedom and democracy.
  • A POTUS and State Department siding with the Honduran President who decides he would rather be a dictator rather than supporting the Honduran Supreme Court’s legal action ousting him and removing him from their country.

And finally, the President of the United States is scolded by the French president for being incredibly naive and grossly egotistical.”

Would you have believed any of those things would happen in the United States?  Are you prouder of the United States now than you were one year ago?  It is time to take the blindfold off and look, in complete horror, at the whole picture.  It is not too late and it is time to start pushing back.

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