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Platte County votes 9-1 on recommendation to raise office holders salaries

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On October 19th, the Platte County Salary Commission met. Sheriff Dick Anderson made the following motion:

That the base salary of Platte County Officeholders, except for the Prosecuting Attorney, whose salary is set by Missouri statute, shall be 100% of the allowable compensation pursuant to Sections 50.343 and 57.317 RSMo., plus all Cost of Living component increases granted to officeholders by the County Commission from 1997 to the present time, plus an additional 6.0% increase; and that the County Commission shall continue to be authorized to grant Cost of Living component increases for officeholders as permitted by Subsection 12 of Section 50.333 RSMo.

Terry Edwards seconded the motion.

Then, they voted. Here are the people that voted, their party, and their approximate salaries as of 2007 (http://www.kansascity.com/InfoCentral/story/568590.html)

People who voted YES:
Donna Nash, Republican, $65,755
Betty Knight, Republican, $65,756
Lisa Pope, Republican, $63,840
Dick Anderson, Republican, $69,250
Gloria Boyer, Republican, $65,755
Sandy Krohne, Democrat, $65,755
Bonnie Brown, Democrat, $63,840
Terry Edwards, Democrat, $63,840
Siobhann Williams, Democrat, $65,755

And then the one NO vote:
Jim Plunkett, Republican, $61,841

So let me get this straight. In August of 2009, the median per capita income in Platte County is $34,500, which is about HALF of what these elected officials make. The median HOUSEHOLD income in 2009 in Platte County is $83,980 (1). A median household income is defined as anyone who lives in a house and is over 18.

So, the median household income in Platte County is only about $20,000 more than a single county officeholders salary.

Some more statistics:
In Platte County, in 2009, there is a year to date unemployment rate of 7.2%. In 2008, the annual unemployment rate was 4.7%.

What this means for us taxpayers who fund the county salaries is that:
1. They feel like their salaries should be 100% of the allowable compensation.
2. They should have all cost of living increases granted to officeholders from 1997 through the present day.
3. They should have an ADDITIONAL 6% raise on top of that.

I don’t know if Platte County realizes this or not, but we’re actually in the middle of a recession. The US 3rd Quarter foreclosure rates were the highest EVER (2). The FDIC fund will be negative until at least 2012, said Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chief Sheila Bair in October of 2009. To date, 94 banks have failed, and gold has hit a record high.

But that doesn’t really matter, I guess, when you get to vote on your own raise. Are you doing THAT great of a job that you feel like now is the best time to be raising government salaries? In the real world, you get raises when you improve your performance or do something great. Well, Platte County, what do you think?

(1) https://edis.commerce.state.nc.us/docs/countyProfile/MO/29165.pdf
(2) http://recession.org/

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