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Dumbed Down – 10 Ways to Tell

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Blatantly now, members of the LSM (Lame Stream Media) and Congress are treating Americans as a “herd” of sorts.  They lie directly to us, or they fecklessly try to negate our concerns under the guise of “knowing best” what we want and/or is good for us. 

As an example, let me take you back to June of this year. 

  • Inspector General Gerald Walpin had been illegally dismissed by Obama,
  • the House had voted on and narrowly passed Cap and Trade with the defection of 8 GOP members,
  • Rick Scott founded Conservatives for Patients’ Rights and was personally attacked,
  • Democrats in the House shut the GOP completely out of offering amendments to spending bills for the first time in history.

If you’re reading this, you probably knew about these things, but do you think Americans in general knew? Or like so many, were they consumed with the death of Michael Jackson? 

Congress and the LSM tell us what they want us to know.  They treat us as if we’re too stupid to make a rational decision by ourselves.  If you were to watch most any “reality” show, you’d believe that to be true.  For all the hype surrounding Obama, the election and the inauguration, too many Americans can’t even correctly identify Vice-President Biden.  By name or photograph.  But why?  Someone else wondered as well and provided me this list:

Top 10 list of Signs You’re Being Dumbed-Down 

  1. You think a new tax to regulate carbon dioxide (the air we breathe out) will solve “Global Warming”
  2. You watch Chelsea Lately or The View for the latest “news”
  3. You drive a clown car (see also #1)
  4. You think Obama earned/will earn his Nobel Peace Prize
  5. You are in the 25+ category and most of your favorite shows are on MTV
  6. You think Michael Moore is a brilliant filmmaker
  7. You have empathized with the people in infomercials having such a hard time cooking their hard-boiled eggs
  8. You think George Stephanapolous is a journalist
  9. You have no idea what MSM means
  10. You know more about the latest celebrity gossip than you do of world news

So that’s his list. Do you agree? If not, what does your list look like?

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  1. December 22, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Great Stuff.. Thanks for sharing!

    Keep it up…

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