Letters to the Editor

Elected officials take note of this

Platte County Landmark

Dear Platte County Elected Officials:

On Saturday, Aug., 29, 2009 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Oak Grove Park in Gladstone, Missouri (NE 76th & N Troost Ave) there will be an open microphone event where your constituents will be paying $5 for five minutes of time to voice their concerns about current government issues.

Americans for Conservative Training, who is hosting this event, represents citizens from Buchanan, Platte, Clay, Clinton and Jackson Counties. Voters from all areas will be participating in our open mic town hall.

This is your invitation to come and listen to your consitutents. We are confident that all of Missouri’s elected officials are concerned about their constituents and interested to learn their opinions. We hope to see you there.

–Andrea Plunkett
Platte County

Defend our country, don’t apologize for it

Platte County Landmark


I want to express my full support for continued and expanded spending for ballistic missile defense. Conservative visionaries in the 1980s had it right starting with Ronald Reagan. The High Frontier concept which led to the Strategic Defense Initiative brought the Soviet Union to its knees and was the primary reason for the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Liberals were wrong on this issue and still are. Defensive systems did not incite an arms race. In fact, they had the opposite effect. Thank God for President Bush and his vision to abolish our participation in the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which opened the way to new spending for missile defense.

Missile defense is defensive. It is not offensive. The Preamble of the Constitution requires the government to provide for the common defense of its people. With the threats posed by rogue states such as North Korea and Iran, it is foolish to mortgage our future by not spending to expand our North American defensive shield, which currently does not fully exist.

Missile defense capabilities should not be used as “bargaining chips” in discussions with our allies and other foreign powers. Politicians can bargain with offensive systems but they should never hinder the ability of an ally to protect themselves from terror attacks.

In the past, liberals attempted to block spending for “Star Wars” and mocked anyone who believed we had the technology to achieve this end. Today, they stand embarrassed and wrong. Now, a new era of liberal politicians continues to espouse a false belief system that wants to reduce ballistic missile defense spending and deny defensive capabilities for our allies and our own nation. This is a failed philosophy, historically disproven, and one that places America in great jeopardy.

The devastation of 9/11 is only a fraction of what could happen if just one nuclear warhead strikes a US city. If that happens, who gets the blame? Who bears the responsibility for tens of thousands of deaths? It will be the politicians and more than likely the liberal ones. It’s time they set aside their patrician antics and put America and its people first.

Defend our country and our allies now or we will do our best to make sure your time in Congress is brief and your place in history, nondescript. Vote to increase spending for missile defense or move out of the way for someone who wants to defend our country and not apologize for it.

–Mike Stark,

Maybe Bush not looking so bad

Platte County Landmark


I think people are going to become very sentimental for the Bush White House soon.
Admittedly Mr. Bush had his issues and made his mistakes, but he did try to find common ground, consensus, and he was a mediator. This administration is not seeking middle ground or consensus regardless of the verbiage.

Liberals actually prospered under the Bush style of leadership and did far more good. Right now they are accomplishing a lot, much of which is not healthy for our nation, and they wonder why they are being blamed for current events. This is one of those teaching moments, I suppose, about why we have checks and balances in our government.

In the meantime, elderly are protesting health care; citizens are showing up armed, symbolically at least, at counter administration protests; Democratic party congressional delegates are stunned that their constituents are holding them accountable during town hall meetings; fiscal conservatives are saying enough is enough; liberal left is protesting against their own administration for not being leftist enough; the administration foreign policy is bankrupt and the secretary of state is ineffective; and the Mexican Army is on the southern border taking over from an inept constabulary and we can’t seem to pull together the funds needed to move National Guard troops to the border to help the border patrol.

Guess it is time to break out the leisure suits, the bell bottoms, platform shoes, and fire up the disco ball. Welcome back to the 70s.

–R. Hollis
Platte County

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